Well another dry and warm week will be in place after this quick shot of cool air for may across the Great Lakes as last weekend many across Western Michigan saw heavy rainfall that actually cancelled Western Michigan’s Homecoming game against Akron until Sunday due to the heavy rainfall. Thankfully we have dried out from that storm system and we will have sunny skies all week as high pressure dominates the weather across our area. 

Here is a look at the high temperatures for Tuesday as many will be in the upper 60’s to near 70 and that will be the rule of thumb for the rest of the week as we will remain dry and perfect fall weather across the Great Lakes. Now lets talk about the longer range and what looks to be much cooler weather heading our way. 


Here is an image of temps according to average for the timeframe of next week as you can see you have a ridge feature out west and a trough in the east that leads to much cooler air and what looks to be the first lake effect outbreak for many in the prime Lake Effect Belts. Now there is still plenty of time to watch this unfold but it really looks like November will start out pretty chilly and we will have to see how long that lasts!