The latest weather maps are showing the ingredients that will potentially produce plenty of snow in the Northeast US tomorrow. This hour, a low pressure area is moving through KY/TN. At the same time, a low pressure area is developing off the Carolina coast. Transferring of the low pressure in KY/TN to the one along the coast will most likely produce a very strong storm system moving up the east coast.

With the storm coming up the east coast, chances are high for significant snowfall. In particular, areas west of Boston and New York City have the highest chances of receiving at least twelve inches of snow. There will also be plenty of wind to blow the snow around.

By tomorrow morning, several inches are forecast to fall across much of Pennsylvania and Maryland. As we move into tomorrow afternoon, many cities and towns west of Boston and New York City have the chance to get in excess of one, and possibly two, feet of snow. This could easily cause travel disruptions. According to FlightAware, over 5,000 flights have been cancelled due to the impending heavy snowfall and wind.

Stay with Neoweather for the latest on this Nor’Easter.


About Jim Martin

Jim was added in 2012 to forecast for the Toledo Office. Jim currently resides in Findlay, which is about 40 miles south of Toledo down Interstate 75. He is currently working at his 14th year at Captain D’s. Writing skills he learned in high school and college have been a benefit when he describes the weather for Neoweather.