A wild beginning to the week has gave way to a more tranquil mid-week and much cooler, fall-like weather.  You can read more about Sunday’s Severe Weather Outbreak in Ohio from Brian Ivey here.


As we move into Wednesday, it is going to shape up to be a pretty nice day across Ohio, with partly sunny skies for most and temperatures in the mid- to upper-40s.  There will be some chilly mornings, though, so make sure you bundle up if you have to be to work or school earlier in the day.  If the kids are waiting on the bus, make sure you send them with a jacket and warmer clothing.


Thursday will begin cold, as well, with morning lows in the low- to mid-30s across the state.  It will be coolest to the east and warmer lows in western Ohio.  Afternoon highs will probably reach the mid- to upper-40s, and some locations in southeast Ohio will likely break 50-degrees and into the low-50s.  Overall it will be a partly to mostly cloudy day for the state, as lake-effect clouds will keep it overcast further northeast.

Friday – SNOW

Friday is the big day to talk about, and I cannot believe I get to type this word: S-N-O-W.  Yes, you read that correctly.  We could be dealing with some lake-effect snow showers off Lake Erie for some as a disturbance passes to the north.  The snow belt will likely be most impacted, but this will be our first event likely for the season…get ready folks!

Highs across the state will be in the low- to mid-30s and breezy.  Accumulations should be kept minimal, so we need not worry about detrimental driving conditions not hazards.  Still, be aware that when dealing with lake-effect snowfall: it can be snowing heavy in one location, and it can be sunny a few minutes down the road.  Do be aware of rapidly changing conditions.

The deepening cooler air mass will send overnight lows into the low- to mid-20s across the area, with the coolest readings being east and northeast.

Overall, we will end the week on a much cooler, more tranquil note than how we began the week Sunday. Much cooler air will continue to have its grip on the area, with the coldest air being Friday.  A chance of snow exists for the snowbelt and east off Lake Erie Friday.