It seems that each week I get to write to you,  we have been talking about how nice and warm it is – this week will be no exception!  We once again have an abundance of warmth to talk about as we head into the first day of March Wednesday.  We will return to cooler weather after that,  though.

March in like a Lion

March will roll in like a lion,  as severe weather will threaten parts of the East coast as the cooler air marches down from the north.  The Storm Prediction Center has much the eastern areas under slight to enhanced risks of severe weather.  Let us take a comparative look at the storm risk map and the temperature maps:

These two maps – severe weather risk (left) and temperatures (down-right) – both have pretty good similarities.  We can see that where the warmest temperatures are along the east coast are where the strongest weather is possible,  so definitely keep updated on that if you live in these areas.  Behind this strong storm system that will move through, will bring the shades of green and blue into the east coast.

As will be demonstrated later in this post,  things will level out across the country.  Looking toward this weekend,  deeper arctic air will be in place across the east coast and Great Lakes region.


Stormy entrance

Now that we took a look at the temperature schema,  one must be wondering what these aforementioned storms will look like,  and who will really get the action going.  Rain is going to be pretty widespread Wednesday with the warmer air before the cooler air arrives with some snow showers:

At left, we see the more balanced look at temperatures; at right(down) we see the storm system Wednesday.  Either way we look at it,  we have definitely been lucky this winter!

Looking forward,  I think this pattern of ups-and-downs will continue into March.  It may be a wet March, too, if we get into an active pattern.

For those beginning Lent in Western Christianity on March 1, perhaps the new month can be a renewing experience for you as we look to signs of spring arriving forevermore.

Blessings upon each of you.

-Robert Carroll


About Robert Carroll

Robert Carroll was born and raised in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism from Kent State University, and is currently finishing up coursework for a Bachelor of Science degree in Geosciences/Meteorology from Mississippi State University. During his undergraduate studies, he took keen interest in winter weather and lake-effect snow - the target of his investigations and research. In his free time, Robert enjoys being outside on hiking trails, running, reading, writing, and doing yardwork.