The threat for severe weather takes aim over a large portion of the country

this morning and afternoon.

The  highest threat for severe weather today will be across the southeast.

These areas will have storms beginning this

morning. The big question is, will these

storms destabilize the atmosphere enough to

keep storms at bay this afternoon? A second

line  will come through the area during the

evening hours. The main threat with these storms today will be large hail and

damaging winds. The threat for tornadoes is a real concern for these areas

as well.

This is the outlined area and chances for a

tornado by the Storm Prediction Center.

Make sure you are paying attention to the

skies today if you are in these areas.


The next area we will look at is the Ohio and Tennessee Valley.  Morning

Satellite shows there should be some sun this morning, which will allow

for some heating and destabilization

this afternoon. The storms will start to

fire up ahead of the front pushing through

the area this afternoon.


Large hail and high winds will be the main threat in these areas, with isolated

tornadoes possible.

Overview of today: A major severe weather

outbreak will be possible today into tonight.

Make sure you are paying attention to local

news outlets, the NOAA, and NeoWeather US.

Large hail and damaging straight line winds will be the main threats today.

A few long-lived and violent tornadoes cannot be ruled out today as

as the atmosphere will be conducive for a few tornadoes.