We have gone through the last few days of above normal temperatures across the Great Lakes. However, a much different picture will be painted as we head through the next few days.

For the Great Lakes this Winter season so far, much of the Great Lakes remains unfrozen. When one combines that with much colder air flowing over the open waters, that allows Lake Effect Snow to develop.

Tonight is a classic case of such. With the mainly unfrozen waters of the Great Lakes, the Lake Effect Snow Machine is cranking up tonight downwind of Lakes Erie, Michigan, Ontario, and Superior. Several inches of snowfall is expected where those snow bands persist in a specific location.

The Lake Effect Snow Machine is forecast to continue into the weekend downwind of the Great Lakes. However, as we move into next week…

A warm up in the temperatures is in the forecast. It is quite possible that the snowfall that occurs through the next few days could easily melt away by the middle of next week.

It has not been that much of a Winter outside of the Lake Effect Snowbelts. However, there is still plenty of time for a snowstorm or two to affect the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley regions. Let us keep our fingers crossed.

Jim Martin – Forecaster


About Jim Martin

Jim was added in 2012 to forecast for the Toledo Office. Jim currently resides in Findlay, which is about 40 miles south of Toledo down Interstate 75. He is currently working at his 14th year at Captain D’s. Writing skills he learned in high school and college have been a benefit when he describes the weather for Neoweather.