Forecasters Brian Ivey and Mark Spencer talk about the recent heat and thunderstorms, plus look at the thunderstorm potential for Thursday and the weekend ahead.  They also share some pictures and video of flooding from thunderstorms on Tuesday 6-13-17.  We also look at an outflow boundary from a thunderstorm.  Watch below for the full show!


Next week we’ll be revealing the name for the show!



About Mark Spencer

Mark Spencer joined Neoweather in August of 2010 and has lived in Northeast Ohio for most of his life. Mark has played a vital role in helping Neoweather to advance and grow. Currently he serves as the Client Services Director and Assistant Financial Director for Neoweather, overseeing client relations and managing the company’s finances. Outside of Neoweather, Mark works as an Air Traffic Controller and holds an Associate’s Degree in Air Traffic Control. He enjoys being outdoors and spends as much time as he can with his son and his wife Loretta.