Many of us enjoyed temperatures in the 70s and even 80s in late April and early May.  Then, just like that, it’s cold again with highs in the low 50s.  As we head further into spring, some may be wondering when that warm weather will return.

Don’t get too excited – it’s not going to warm up in a day or two.  Instead, we’re looking at a gradual warm up from below average temperatures, which look to persist into mid-May, to above average temperatures, which look to make their way back into the region heading into the latter half of the month.


The CLimate Prediction Center’s 6-10 Day Temperature Outlook shows warm air locked into the central US, with cold air along both coasts.


By late May, the eastern portion of the US will see plenty of warm temperatures, with the western US remaining cool.



We’ll likely finish out May with slightly below average temperatures given the extended cool period that we’re currently in across Ohio.  However, as we head into June, temperatures look to stay at or above normal into the early days of Summer.  There will be times where we likely see a cool day or two or perhaps three.  Overall, however, temperatures look to be warmer than average across the region from the second half of May and into early summer.



The Climate Prediction Center’s 3 Month Temperature Outlook suggests that much of the US will have a shot at above average temperatures, especially the East Coast.


Get those shorts and swim suits ready as you’ll be using them sooner than you think!




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